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nobohan f02ad64ac1 correct typo in app.config.ts 2 months ago
nobohan 81c196a36c update teaser in app.config.dist.ts 3 months ago
nobohan c5b862fd63 update app.config.dist.ts from the one from liveche 3 months ago
nobohan 2243cff08d update teaser in app.config.ts 3 months ago
nobohan 976657c2eb #36 add a new WMS layer in map config 5 months ago
nobohan 66f818e54f #35 use gunicorn for running the backend in production 7 months ago
nobohan 7d5d821bae improve FROM in default email settings (#33) 7 months ago
nobohan 2a2f8a0874 get debug mode from env variables when starting wsgi server 8 months ago
nobohan 2e0c7e897e fix issues #20 and #29: init the db after registering all the routes 10 months ago
nobohan e51b1ccfa1 dashboard data: biomasse 1 year ago
nobohan b47b2fb36a add new images in assets 1 year ago
nobohan a3967b3c17 dashboard: print 1 year ago
nobohan b28af2d1e6 add icon for dashboard 1 year ago
nobohan 426311aaaa dashboard: add data in config 1 year ago
nobohan dc42f4e5d5 #16 dashboard data object 1 year ago
nobohan 45211bf4ce #16 add dashboard config objet in the patches 1 year ago
nobohan cdf6e4ac45 upd app.config for the GnC dev branch 1 year ago
nobohan 665cde961d update the app on branch dev from GnC 1 year ago
nobohan 4c9fa86318 fix footer css 2 years ago
nobohan e0260b8d1a modify footer for small screen 2 years ago
nobohan e7dca3bd97 fix proper way of build the front container with custom patch files 2 years ago
nobohan 6a711dbd99 update content + add custom files in patch #7 2 years ago
nobohan b7a682d538 customisation for Wasseiges 2 years ago
nobohan 6f1dc178e9 add more map layers - correction 2 years ago
nobohan 90920d5870 add more map layers 2 years ago
nobohan 0d2c86b52c add WMS layers 2 years ago
nobohan 57e91bf9e0 remove obsolet layers 2 years ago
nobohan 8d7b70dd2b add FORETANC layer 2 years ago
Marc Ducobu ef3766ae1c Using apache as foward (not serving files) 2 years ago
Marc Ducobu c501700bc4 Citizen-front run with JulienM patches 2 years ago
Marc Ducobu 53ae96e0a9 Split into docker containers 2 years ago
nobohan 02a8bb9088 #2 change image + map backgrounds 2 years ago
nobohan 2612ce41df add frontend assets in the patches and map them to the docker container 2 years ago
nobohan d0578e06d5 #2 enable wms layers in leaflet map 2 years ago
nobohan 81a7ddbae0 add champs-libres cyclosm tiles + a sandbox for implementing other tiles 2 years ago
nobohan f503c42244 how to change frontend config 2 years ago
nobohan f84b062ef7 overide frontend config 2 years ago
Christophe Siraut b063c6438a add docker-compose recipe 2 years ago
Christophe Siraut f45f5bb274 initial commit 2 years ago