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Implementation of CartoStation with docker-compose.

This repo contains a docker-compose file that install cartostation from source and build containers for developping a cartostation app.


  1. Clone this repo
git clone
cd docker-cartostation
  1. Fetch the submodule, that is, the cartostation repo
git submodule init
git submodule update
  1. Build the container
docker-compose up

A pgadmin client already lives at http://localhost:8081/ with UN and PW blipblop. You should be able to see the "cartostation" database but it will be empty.


Install postgis-loader

docker-compose exec --user root app pip install -e ../../postgis-loader

Execute Django migrations

docker-compose exec app python3 migrate

Create a Django superuser

docker-compose exec app python3 createsuperuser

Now you should be able to have access to the admin at http://localhost:8000/admin (maybe restart the containers once).

Build client applications

docker-compose run --rm app-clients npm i
docker-compose run --rm app-clients ./ login dashboard view compose alias embed metadata
docker-compose stop
docker-compose up

Voilà, you should have a webpage showing cartostation on http://localhost:8000/.

Working with submodules

On a fresh install, submodules projects (i.e., cartostation and cs-ibge) are fetched from their repo with git submodule init && git submodule update. When modifying these projects, you should cd to these projects and commit there:

cd app/src/carto-station
git pull
git add .
git commit -m ""
git push

NB: For just pulling these submodules, you can either go to each directory as described above and make git pull or do it for all submodules using git submodule foreach git pull.


The project is build around dockers containers :

  • some containers are used for running the app & db. They have to run for using the solution.
  • some others are used for processing some punctual tasks. It is possible to use the solution even if they are not running.

The containers that serve the solution are :

  • db : hosting the databases
  • app : hosting and serving the django app
  • pgadmin hosting the tool pgadmin

The containers that process punctual tasks are :

  • app-clients : used to build the clients (typescript applications)

The file of the Django app is mounted from app/ to the right location in the app sources.

To enter the containers

Example, in the db container, to list all databases in the db

docker-compose exec --user 1000 db bash
bash-5.1$ psql -U postgres
postgres=# \l

Example, in the app container, to execute a migration

docker-compose exec --user 1000 app bash
I have no name!@3b16cdb96881:/src/carto-station/sdi$ python3 runserver

Example, in the app container, to add a missing Python dependency (a root access is needed)

docker-compose exec --user root app bash
root@3b16cdb96881:/src/carto-station/sdi$ pip install sorl-thumbnail

Exemple, in the app-clients container, to build/watch a client you're working on

docker-compose run --rm app-clients bash
I have no name!@92d42ffb06b0:/src/carto-station/clients$ ./ view